“We consider what we do, not as a job, but as a mission: working in the knowledge that we are helping someone is very rewarding and is what drives us to continue strive for continuous improvement”.

We believe that in order to promote a healthy lifestyle, it is important to choose high quality nutrients. Unfortunately, the quality of today’s food does not provide all the nutrients that our body requires to sustain vitality.
This is because over-exploitation of the land, excessive use of fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides and the common practice of premature harvesting reduce the quality of food and vegetables as well as the vitamin, mineral and other key nutrient content. The widespread use of refined food also reduces food quality.
This is why nutritional supplementation with micronutrients is important. But this is just the first step. According to our philosophy, to be truly valuable and trusted friends of our wellbeing and to really play an active role in correcting nutritional deficiencies, food-supplements must adhere to strict quality parameters and must be highly bioavailable active products.


“Each product on our price list has its own function, must serve a purpose and must give satisfactory results to those who use it. When consumers use the product they must be able to feel the difference“.

We are passionate about offering you the very best. We therefore devote time and energy in our selection of safe raw materials and suppliers with high quality standards. A choice that requires constant research in countries that are more culturally and technically advanced in this field (such as the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Germany and the USA), known for their production excellence, which has resulted in our company achieving extensive growth. This has allowed us to present our products with pride and confidence to healthcare professionals, such as doctors and naturopaths, and to distribution channels such as pharmacies, herbalists and organic food stores that promote them to end customers.

Supplement specifications:

– live, active and highly bioavailable products
– safe raw materials;
– effective formulations to ensure that the products perform their intended functions;
– use of very few “excipients”. In particular, our decision to include “organic rice flour” as an excipient, despite the technical difficulties encountered during the raw material production and processing procedure, allows us to achieve and maintain our primary objective: to offer quality supplements to provide protection to everyone who takes the supplement;
– formulas presented in capsule form, which are more expensive than tablets, but ensure healthier, “cleaner” products, which in most cases are excipient-free (only rice flour is included where strictly necessary);
– very limited warehousing times in order to maintain organoleptic product qualities;
– energy tests are performed before placing the products on the market.

All of this allows us to market our company as a reliable reference point in a booming industry that has as its primary objective the pursuit of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.