A 4000
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Vitamin A occurs in nature in two forms: preformed vitamin A and beta-carotene (or provitamin A or vitamin A precursor). The term Retinol indicates the amount of usable vitamin A that has already been broken down and is now in the bloodstream and available for use.

What is A 4000?

A 4000 is a vitamin A supplement that is produced in accordance with high quality standards. It is allergen-free and not GMO.

Use and mechanism of action

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin that helps to support immune system defences, regulate retinal function and vision and promote iron absorption. An effective skin remedy, it is involved in the growth and repair of epithelial cells and helps protect the skin, keeping it soft, healthy and naturally beautiful. Internally, it helps protect the mucous membranes of the nose, sinuses, lungs, eyelids, mouth, throat, stomach, intestine, vagina and uterus and all the kidney and bladder linings. This explains its important role in reducing the risk associated with exposure to infection. This protection, in fact helps the mucous membranes combat the effects of invasive microorganisms and other harmful particles, including pollutants. Vitamin A also stimulates the secretion of gastric juices needed for proper protein digestion. Its contribution to the formation of strong, healthy teeth and bones are other key functions that make vitamin A a valuable and trusted aid for our daily well-being.

Suggested use: one capsule daily, with a large glass of water, preferably at mealtimes.