All the vitality you need, from the very heart of the barley grain

From the cereal that is increasingly recognised as a “health food”, a valid help to fill the nutritional deficiencies associated with a poor, high-fat diet and a hectic, stressful lifestyle.

What is Aktiv?

AKTIV is 100% stoneground, pre-sprouted, organic barley. It is obtained through a natural process that allows all the wonderful vitality of each newly opened seed that is about to sprout to be extracted. This way, we are sure that all the proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and enzymes contained in each barley grain are activated.

Use and mechanism of action

Aktiv® is a special source of stable and long-lasting vitality, which can help to naturally banish forms of general fatigue that often accompanies the hectic pace of daily life or particularly intense periods of responsibilities and commitments. Its natural elements support the body, restoring tone and vitality. Everyone – children, adults, the elderly, travellers, students and sporsmen alike – can rely on this activated barley to restore vitality and motivation. The high beta-glucan levels and the soluble fibre content that is much greater than in traditional whole grain barley, make Aktiv® an excellent reconstituting and a valid adjuvant to help correct blood sugar levels and maintain normal cholesterol levels, so long as the correct amount is taken on a regular basis.

2 tablespoons of Aktiv (equal to approximately 20 g) provide 1 g of beta-glucans. Taking 3 g of beta-glucans daily, helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.

Suggested use: Aktiv® is a soluble powdered food that is ready in 5 minutes, with no requirement for cooking, and very digestible. Simply dissolve a few tablespoons in a container, such as a shaker, with fruit juice, milk or yogurt to taste, and shake well for a few moments. If you prefer, you can add it to cream of vegetable soup, stirring well for a few seconds, as our powder retains its beneficial properties even if heated.