Your health elixir

There are more than 360 species of Aloe on Earth, but only Aloe barbadensis Miller, known by all as Aloe vera, boasts generous curative and preventive properties, by virtue of its unique vitamin, mineral, polysaccharide and amino acid content. 

What is Aloe Vera Lily of the Desert Organic Juice?

Organic Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice is pure organic juice, extracted from the innermost part of the Aloe Vera barbadensis leaf. We use only plants grown according to strict biological principles in the fertile and immense Rio Grande, Texas Valley, a place brimming with extraordinary vital energy. The leaves are collected and refrigerated for 4 hours to better preserve the natural active ingredients from natural decomposition or oxidation; manual removal of the whole leaf allows unwanted parts, such as the aloin, to be selectively removed. The whole leaf method guarantees a high content of vegetal substances and high molecular weight polysaccharides, whose health benefits have been scientifically proven. The juice extracted from the plant is poured directly into bottles and quickly pasteurised by means of a process, known as “Flash pasteurisation, that is unique in its genre. This offers maximum safety and authenticity while maintaining unaltered all the functional substances of the Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera. Use of the patented “flash pasteurisation” process, in fact allows the use of preservatives such as sodium benzoate (E211) and potassium sorbate (E202) to be avoided.

Use and mechanism of action

The precious Aloe Vera juice promotes regular intestinal transit and digestive and hepatic function. Its emollient and soothing action is a remedy for the digestive system and for the well-being of the throat. Aloe is also indicated as a support for the body’s cleansing functions and for all detoxification processes. Taken regularly, it helps eliminate dead cells and the growth of new cells, promoting healthy tissue.

Suggested use: 2 to 4 tablespoons of product daily (equal to 20-40 ml), in the morning on an empty stomach and after either meal, as preferred. Can be used pure or diluted in water or another liquid. Aloe Vera Lily of the Desert is a fresh, preservative-free product. We therefore recommend that it be kept in the fridge once opened and consumed within 15 days.