From Siberia, your new panacea

This plant fat is able to survive the icy climate of Siberia. This is thanks to its secondary metabolites that allow it to adapt to a decidedly hostile environment. Just think of the remarkable effect it can have on your ability to cope with everyday life.

What is Rhodiola Rosea?

Rodiola Rosea is a Siberian Rhodiola rosea supplement. The root extract stands apart due to the amount of plant principles it contains and the high production quality. Contain no excipients, gluten or allergens and has not undergone any genetic modification.

Use and mechanism of action

Popular culture attaches many properties to Rhodiola Rosea, including increased physical strength and intellectual performance and the ability to relieve mood disorders. Rhodiola Rosea has powerful stimulating and adaptogenic properties that improve our ability to adapt and increase the body’s resistance against various types of internal and external stress that can leave us feeling physically weak or overwhelmed by commitments. Its gradual and physiological action can therefore help reduce the impact of stressful factors on the nervous system, and is a key adjuvant in the event of mood swing. Those who want to relieve study or work stress by physical and mental resistance can greatly benefit from the use of this natural supplement.

Suggested use: Suggested use: take 2 to 3 capsules daily with a large glass of water or lukewarm herbal tea, as required, preferably in the early morning.